Guntawang is an environmental bush retreat 1.5 hours from Sydney

Guntawang Catholic Youth Centres Incorporated (Guntawang) is a voluntary non profit organisation that perpetuates the work of its originating members through the maintenance of bush properties.

As caretakers and beneficiaries of these properties the members of Guntawang commit to the preservation of the core values handed down from its founding members.

These values are to maintain the properties for the enjoyment of nature, as retreats from city life and as places to encourage young people to learn about and appreciate the natural environment.

The main property, Wooglemai, is used by the NSW Department of Education for school camps. It is also available on school holidays and weekends for hire to family or community groups for weekend getaways, retreats or conferences.

For booking enquires please contact bookings@guntawang.org.au